I Think I’m Emma Goldman

Sole I Think I’m Emma Goldman  Album No Wising Up No Settling Down 2013

Emma Goldman, I think I’m Emma Goldman
Used to rhyme for Karl Marx then I met Emma Goldman
My homey Ravi Zupa put me up on game
I know why communism always fails
Because a power-hungry communist is just as dangerous as a blood-sucking capitalist
From gulags to the prison-industrial complex
To each his own, no thrones no preachers spreading fantasies
God is a myth and man’s enslavement is his reality
God don’t like ugly
God hates flags
God hates cops and is a mass murdering sociopath
I don’t that bullshit to act ethically
All I need is a library card and the knowledge that no man is above me
Next time you fuck and use a birth control pill thank Emma
And the IWW for 8-hour work days and general strikes
Before kings stole the land from the peasants we had the commons
Private property is a system used to dispossess people from their needs
That’s why poverty’s pandemic and capitalism can’t eliminate crime
Ain’t nothing fair in debt, slavery, and bribes
Emma Goldman, I know I’m no Emma Goldman
She opened up a ice cream shop to fund an assassin
That’s gangsta
Welcome to the new black scare
Shouts out to the northwestern grand jury resistors
They say anarchism can’t work
But all anarchists do is put in work
Not for money, but out of necessity
Imagine a world where you could follow your passions
A federation, built on community
Shouts to Occupy Sandy stepping in with mutual aid
You’d find out you were an anarchist if you took the time to read
While academics debate tactics
We shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline
We plant gardens in the projects
They push us to the sidewalks we take the streets
We strike debt
We can bring things back to normal, or we can do the opposite
We can bicker over differences or we can fuck up shit cuz shits fucked up and bullshit
In the 1800s anarchists were libertines
Only in America are libertarians an arm of the right wing
They put a gun in your face and tell you to be non violent
But ignorance is violence
And who spreads ignorance through public schools?
And sends the poor to die overseas to steal more shit
For you know who
You know who
If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal
She said that 100 years ago
Ain’t shit changed but the manufacturers of weapons
Ain’t shit changed they replaced churches with banks and mainstream news
This government was designed to over rule the mob
So we mobs design to over rule the government
Emma Goldman I think I’m Emma Goldman
In the belly of the beast made that motherfucker sick
Emma Goldman I must be Emma Goldman
Must be doing something wrong if the feds ain’t on my dick
You can say I’m guilty of propping up a cult of personality
I’m a Malcolm X man, « by any means necessary »
Avant Gardists might say I’m dumbin’ it down
But Emma didn’t speak in academic riddles; she spoke in the common tongue
No future utopias we building it now
Horizontally, no 10,000 MLKS getting popped
Red and black all day
I’m a Kropotkin man myself
The streets is my office where I plan my attack
You rap, we plot
You vote, we act
I’ll never say bitch in a song again
I’m Emma Goldman